His art practice encompasses exploring the natural dualities that are found around us whilst promoting a healthy balance between doing and being. 

In exploring the dichotomies that exist between technology and Nature, Harper utilises advanced technology to juxtapose science with Spirituality. His work seeks to emulate the innate meditative moments found in nature - like the dying embers of a fire or light glistening on water.
Exhibitions  Performances  Installations

2022 - Performance with Leonie Dubarry-Gurr - Islington Assembly Halls, London, UK
2022 - Crystal System with Leonie Dubarry-Gurr - Leicester Light Festival, UK
2022 - Breaking Borders with Jas Singh - Goma Waterford, Dublin, Ireland
2021 - Digital at the Lightbox Gallery - Leicester, UK
2021 - Denisova - Safe Street art festival,  Olomouc, Czech Republic
2021 - Leavings - Up your street, Loughborough, UK  
2021 - Cubing the Sphere with Dave Stitch - VRHAM - Hamburg, Germany
2021 - Residency & Solo show at the LCB Depot, Leicester, UK
2020 - A Window to Reality Loughborough, UK
2020 - AR Extra - Gallery Version LCB Depot, Leicester, UK
2020 - AR Extra Loughborough, UK
2019 - Interact Digital Arts, Leicester, UK 
2018 - Gallery without Walls Leicester, UK
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