Interactive ran during the month of Feb 2021 during national lockdown.  To accommodate the fact that the gallery was closed to the public, the whole exhibition was pushed up to the front of the Lightbox Gallery window, to create a pedestrian exhibition. Anyone passing could interact with a selection of the interactive artworks from the other side of the window, 24/7.
This work featured was a collaboration between Dave Stitch / TigerForce Records and myself. 

A series of audio driven animations were generated through a virtual 3d oscilloscope, in response to Dave's audio.  The tempo and frequency of the audio had an impact on the personality of the resulting animations.  Single frames were carefully curated from these animations and the result was that ten of these were displaced in the window of the LCB Depot, which could also trigger the animation in Augmented Reality by using the AR App. 
The second part to the collab involved taking a series of frames from the 2d animation and sculpting them in 3d.  This series of 3d sculptures were positioned inside each other, and through the use of 3d Augmented reality, each layer could be explored, with proximity to each layer triggering an animation, as well as a sample based on the frame.   I completed a residency at the LCB Depot, where I worked out of the Lightbox Gallery for a week and the final prints and AR were developed in situ. Below are some shots from the Lightbox Gallery interior:
These are interactive 3d sculptures. Each sculpture has 5 layers, which are based on a chosen frame from the animation above. Close proximity to each layer triggers the corresponding audio track / sample to play. The result is, a simpler audio sampler that can be played in augmented reality.


Follow these links: AEROLITH_3d / NEITHER_3d or Click QR code below to load the augmented reality file on any iOS device.

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