I then used Photogrammetry software Regard 3d to turn the 360 degree photos into the digital counterpart of Thierry's sculptures. These could be experienced in augmented reality on any iOS device, without the need to download an app.  By scanning a QR code off the street, it was possible for the digital twin to jump through the windows and be placed virtually on the street outside the gallery.
These figures have come out of a response to the current time and the uncertainty we have all been living through - Thierry Miquel

The AR is an attempt to get the viewer closer to the physical sculptures. I created digital twins of the sculptures by using 3d scanning / Photogrammetry techniques.  Through interacting with an iOS device, these virtual sculptures are able to transcend the realm of the physical and be experienced in augmented reality, with no app required.   - Andy Harper
5, February 2021 - 26, February 2021

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