Mujō. Live with Billion O'Clock at OMC in Leics Sunday 5th March 2023.

無常 Mujō was a performance exploring transience & impermanence of existence.
I rendered over 10,000 digital paintings which will be stitched together, using Stable Diffusion to complete. 
This was performed as part of this a @billionoclock gig with @nailbreaker_ at OMC in Leics Sunday 5th March 2023.
It was also showcased as a private audiovisual performance next week at @institute_lab as part of #LoughboroughLates
Friday 03 03 23 6:00-8:30pm,
Loughborough Lates is an event hosted by art and culture venues spread across our town centre and campus. Loughborough will come to life with visual art exhibitions and events - all free to attend and participate in. Maps are available at participating venues on the day.

Mujō structure was constructed around a series of scenes.  Each scene began as a sketch which eventually grew into video.  The visual aesthetic was crafted using AI, trained through a blend of prompts and my own body of work, spanning from 2005 to the present. As an active digital artist during that period, I created and shared thousands of pieces on platforms like WAN and Arts. The AI was directed not only to my digital art but also to my photography and urban textures from various cities worldwide.
Touchdesigner served as the tool to sync visual and audio elements for Live, and I build a patch to map a visual scene to a corresponding audio scene, using TDAbleton.  Each audio scene started out as the recording of a train, looped  at 16-32 bars,  With the addition of some processing and reverb, these train samples were effectively transformed and became the percussive part of Mujō.  
The visual elements profoundly influenced the audio composition. The initial muted colours in the composition yielded a flat, minimal sound.As the piece grew in colour, so did the audio composition become “brighter” and the dynamic range in turn grew. The darker hues toward the conclusion of Mujō signalled a more ominous and sinister auditory experience.

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