Design Season has been created for and by Leicester’s design community.  Everyone was invited to get involved & help to create a Leicester design community-generated brand.  Following previous years, a circle template could be download & customised. 
Through Arts I was asked to find an AR solution for this that incorporated these user generated circles.   This event was going to be an online only format due to the Pandemic, so I was keen to find a solution that was interactive, playful and perhaps most importantly, could be applied to any space. 
 I modelled them in 3d, refined the textures and lighting and gave them interactive properties.  Crucially for this project the AR was not locked to a marker, so these 3d circles could now be dropped into anyone's reality & the interactive properties could be explored. 
If you haven’t already, download the Graffio AR App. Then open the app, select the Design Season 3 project and point your device at the image below. Enjoy!
This project is currently iOS only.

DS3 3D Marker

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