Crystal System offers new vantage points from which to come to terms with one's existence, in relationship to the world and others around us. 
This sculptural, multi-faceted and responsive installation offers audiences an opportunity to reflect upon and experience the meditative qualities of refracted and reflected light. 

Crystal System was commissioned by the Light up Leicester Festival 2022 with support from the Arts Council.  Our installation was exhibited in the light cafe at Beta x 6pm - 9pm. 72 Church Gate, Leicester. LE1 3AN
Crystal System comprises reflective and refractive sculptural elements, audiences of all ages and abilities can engage with the artwork which features directional speakers and responsive coloured lighting. 

A visitor's actions and responses to the artwork trigger light sources hidden within the sculpture, allowing the discovery of secret illuminated infinity mirrors. This, alongside the natural occurrence of refracted self-portraits provided by the angular mirrored facets, enable visitors to become an artist and creator in synchronicity with the artwork. 

In addition to the sculptural elements, a gentle ruminative soundscape grounds the installation, playing in situ on a continuous loop. 
In collaboration with 
Leonie Dubarry-Gurr -
Todd Finnamore- Monoworks 

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