Love is the only antidote to fear.
All three tracks feature vocals from Leonie DuBarry-Gurr which I’ve time-stretched and converted to binaural audio.  These range from Delta frequencies ~ 3.5Hz to Alpha frequencies ~ 11Hz.   The visual were built in Touchdesigner and continues my theme of experimental Audio-visual entrainment. 
(AVE is a subset of brainwave entrainment, uses flashes of lights and pulses of tones to guide the brain into various states of brainwave activity)
The setlist for the performance was:
I wanted to explore a theme of Love and Fear for this performance.   The late great John O'Donohue describes it so poetically in his lecture at Greenbelt festival not long before he sadly passed away in 2008.
"One of the questions that’s always haunted me is what is the origin of fear? Why are humans afraid? One of the reasons is that the place we live in the world is in this clay tent of the human body. And it’s a very vulnerable old tent."

Andy Harper - Retrograde
The Frequency of the Earth= 7.83 Hz.  Retrograde was my attempt to produce Binaural beats at exactly 7.83 Hz (Schumann resonance).   I’ve used Tibetan singing bowls with analogue effects in real time, to explore the dichotomies that exist between technology and Nature, in-line with my art practice.  As with the rest of the performance, I used Visuals that reacted to the audio in Touchdesigner, my aim was to show the frequencies dancing, like the flickering of a fading fire.

Andy Harper -Anterograde
The aim was to explore the theme of collective hypnosis. Could audiovisual entrainment (AVE) shift the mind states of the audience, collectively - shifting the message from FEAR (as is the currency of the government / mass media) to LOVE?

Andy Harper -Twilight Sedation
This final track raises the tempo subtly and intensifies the audiovisual entrainment before dropping back to a calming, meditative finale with Binaural Beats in the Delta frequencies. 
This was an experimental performance and uses concepts like audiovisual entrainment that are still being developed for the healing of trauma.  I'm aware that the integration into a cultural experience will take more development, and I am keen to more studies to development these ideas.

Photos: Kulvir Bhambra

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