D V S T C H  Aka Dave Stitch Is the recording pseudonym of UK-based electronic music artist David Brookes.  Experimentation is engraved in Dave's DNA, so when he completed  his new album, NONLINEARTHE earlier in 2020, he approached me to add AR layers to his sounds. 
I produced nine Oscilloscope animations - to correspond with his tracks which were a mixture of exclusive material and album tracks.

There are 9 markers, each triggering a corresponding animation, which can be viewed in Augmented reality using the Graff.io AR App.
Using a minimal 3d grid populated with simulated particles predominately only X and Y, the audio triggers a displacement on the 3d axis which combined with other parameters forms a sound reactive animation.

This simple framework formed the basis of the whole project - effect wise it was stripped to the bone with the focus on the form being the most appealing aspect.  Forcing this enables us to see the music literally dance through the simplicity of the shapes that unfolded.

It's not 100% processing as I'm not a coder, so generating artwork for me always has to have a strong human presence.   Working this was was fascinating - essentially programming an animation to respond to sound - and curating the results. 
Buy NONLINEARTHE on Bandcamp​​​​​​​  / follow Dave on social:

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