A Window to Reality was a Graff.io Arts project that turned town centre shop windows into a gallery through the use of augmented reality (AR).
Engaging directly with the decline of town centre shopping ,the project repurposes the windows of disused shops. The windows are turned into portals for viewing art. Through this project the streets of the city become an alternative, curated venue for broader, unexpected exposure to the arts.
The project demonstrates how new technologies, collaboration and fresh thinking can unlock public spaces as hybrid commercial and creative locations for the betterment of all.
AWTR gave the artists the chance to do anything that they wanted to do - the only caveat is that they had only 24 hours to complete.  The artwork would be destroyed, and only exist in the virtual domain.
A time-lapse was made of the process, which essentially became the art - a theatrical show which could be viewed in Augmented reality.   The irony of it could not be avoided- that we are using tech to get us outside and experience the real world.
For this project I took the role of lead AR -  I also conducted and filmed all the interviews with artists and documented and produced the behind the scenes footage.  
By pointing a digital device with the Graffio Arts app at the art on the windows, an added layer of reality appears. Viewers are shown the artist creating the work with an audio description by the artist. Viewers are offered a glimpse of creativity often reserved for a gallery space as they go about their daily lives. The combination of convenience and the exposure to the creative practice of artists seeks to flatten the learning curve often associated with engagement and the understanding of the arts.
Installation 001 
Kris Trigg
Friday 29th November 2019 kicked off with our first installation with Kris Trigg AKA @Sketcherkris at our first empty shop in Loughborough: The old Burton's Mensware. Work was up for a limited period ( Winter 2019 /early 2020 only ) at  The old Burtons 19-21 Market Place, Loughborough, LE11 3EB
Installation 002
A Window to Reality #002 was from @Mistabreakfast AKA Mono, also known as Leigh Drummond. You can still view Mono's work at: The old Poundland, Loughborough as of Jan 2021.
Installation 003
Taylor Fisher
A Window to Reality #003 was from Taylor Fisher, a Loughborough based artist residing at Modern Painters, New Decorators. Tayler Fisher's piece was live from late 2019/early 2020 at Modern Painters, New Decorators - Unit 33, Carillon Court, Loughborough LE11 3XA.
Installation 004
Jay Clarke
A Window to Reality #004 was completed with Jay Clarke on the 21st January 2020. If you're in Loughborough, you can view Jay's work in Carillon Court- it's only up until the end of Feb 2020.
Installation 005
Liam Proudman
A Window to Reality #005 was from Liam Proudman. You can view Liam's work at: The Old Hospital Ct, Loughborough LE11 1TH for Winter 2019/20 only.
Installation 006
Agata Tomaszek
A Window to Reality #006 In-situ - Agata Tomaszek Agata's installation, at the old Poundland, Loughborough.

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