Ola commissioned me to work on a music video for her latest EP:  Rooted, Explorations.  Ola is a healer by day and it’s clear that she’s passionate about helping others to achieve wellness.  Listening to Rooted, it was clear to me that her spiritual practice  has crossed over into her creative practice.
Approaching the project alongside listening to the tracks, I discovered that Rooted is about her hitting an energetic low from a cancer scare - and being bed bound and physically rooted to a place.
Rooted is a sonic tapestry depicting Ola's ascent from a state of dis-ease, evolving into a stronger version of herself and ultimately flourishing into a state of vibrant health.
The animation is an attempt to reflect the journey that Ola has been on.  Observing Ola’s health journey and the bold decision she made to uproot herself from her home country in order to pursue a career as a musician in the UK I was reminded of an important truth: all of life is beautiful, fragile and fleeting yet resilient in its capacity for change.  Always moving, never fixed.  The Greek philosopher Heraclitus sums it up well:  There is nothing permanent except change. 

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