DENISOVA is an XR piece developed for the Safe Street Art Festival in Olomouc, 2021. My audio partner on the project was Dave Stitch. He composed a piece that was informed by a virtual visit to the Denisova square in Olomouc. I allowed the audio to inform the output & drive the visuals. For the first time I sketched, drew and edited most of the work in VR using Gravity Sketch, Adobe Immersive Environment & Spoke / Hubs.
We wanted the piece to have a futuristic feel, yet retain some of the traditional Eastern European heritage. We wanted to offer the medieval forefathers of Olomouc (CZ) a glimpse of life in 2021, so the Augmented reality component was presented as ghostly apparitions that would disappear and re-appear at different positions throughout the city. Using the Scavangar AR app would allow the public to discover these located audiovisual sculptures.
Follow these links: Acid AR / Clapper AR or use the QR code below to try a demo on any iOS device.
Piano Giant AR
Piano Giant AR
Clapper AR
Clapper AR
The VR component, DENISOVA VOID is an abstract version of the Denisova square in Olomouc: presenting a dystopian glimpse at Olomouc at an unknown point in the future,  this virtual sonic experience  features Ambisonic sounds and equirectangular video. 

There were many learnings from our previous Mixed reality project, Cubing the Sphere. From an audio point of view we knew that this time we would need to compose Asynchronous beats - from a visuals perspective, I really wanted to produce visuals that were more immersive.   I've outputted each composition as equirectangular 360 degree videos - so the public can walk inside the videos and achieve full immersion.
DENISOVA VOID has positioned 5 asynchronous audiovisual stems that make use of spatial audio.  In thi case proximity to an audiovisual stem will adjust the audio levels & pan.  By exploring the piece in VR, the viewer is able to create their own unique soundscapes and interact with the composition in a ways previously unimaginable using the traditional 2d paradigm. 
Follow the below link to try DENISOVA VOID in VR.  (browsers are also supported so it's possible to view a simple version using a computer / iPad although the spatial audio will not function)  The individual audiovisual stems are presented in more detail below as standalone pieces. 

Denisova - Acid ( Yellow )  VR

Denisova - Acid (yellow version)
Denisova - Echo Swoosh
Denisova - Clapper (blue version)

Denisova - Clapper VR

Denisova - Piano Giant (yellow version)

Denisova - Piano Giant VR

Denisova - Echo Swoosh (grey version)

Denisova - Swoosh VR

Denisova - Echo Bass (pink version)

Denisova - Echo Bass ( pink version )  VR

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