Frequencies have the potential to heal.

Brainwave entrainment stimulates the brain into a very specific state by using a pulsing sound to encourage your brain waves to align to a certain frequency. Different frequencies can help to induce focus, relaxation, sleep etc.   
Bio-hacking your own brainwaves and actually promote physical or mental healing. The precise use of very specific rhythms and frequencies can shift your brain from the beta state ( normal consciousness) to theta state ( relaxed consciousness ) - or even the delta state where internal healing can occur.  The number of studies into Brainwave entrainment is low, most studies have small sample sizes and the results aren’t always replicable.  
This is a 3D Study exploring what frequencies look like represented as digital sculptures.  I have been experimenting with creating simple binaural beats and manipulating them to experiment how far I can push the frequencies. 

The following images are have been generated by taking small parts of my binaural beats, exporting the audio file as a raw file.  Opening a raw audio file in a photo editor ( a process known as  "Data Bending" ) is effectively like a digital handshake - passing the batton from audible to visual.  

The initial output is raw and grainy, upping the saturation and pixelating creates an texture.  This wa edited and a mesh was generated from depth map which ended up becoming the 3d sculptures below. 

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