This is a study looking at brain entrainment.  If a sound has the capacity to alter our consciousness, could something visual or tactile have the same impact?   In this series of 3d studies, I have taken my own binaural beats and through various processes documented below I have transformed part of the audio file into a 3d sculpture.   The end goal is that these will provide to the eyes what the binaural beats are to the ears - and the output will be a 3d sculpture best experienced in AR.
Binaural beats can enhance your experiences with specific frequencies and brain entrainment. When two sounds are played that are very close to each other in pitch, an oscillation is heard that is the different between these two frequencies. These oscillations have been proven to to synchronise and "entrain" our brains into different brainwave state's Alpha / Delta / Gamma / Theta. Very close to a meditative state, these beats have the potential to alter our state of consciousness.
Andy Harper / BRAINWAVE #4 - 50HZ
Best enjoyed with stereo headphones.

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